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What is Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

The unique style of Reflexology (RLD) was developed by Sally Kay BSc(Hons), during her clinical practice with cancer patients. This was originally for patients with Secondary Lymphoedema after surgery. Treatment is carried on specific reflexes of the feet or hands, using problem specific reflexology technics. It has now also been found to work very well on patients with various types of inflammation, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis………………

To best understand what is involved with Reflexology Lymph Drainage, please watch this video by Sally Kay.

Secondary Lymphoedema

Secondary Lymphoedema is the tissue swelling within the body caused by accidental injury, or from surgery, such as treatment for cancer. Sections of the lymphatic system are often removed, or damaged through surgery, which can disrupt the flow of lymph within that particular part of the body or limb. This can then cause the tissues in that area to swell, sometimes leaving the person with a painful and uncomfortable condition to live with.

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How does Reflexology Lymph Drainage Work

Reflexology Lymph Drainage works along the same principle to Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Encouraging the drainage of lymph within a particular area of the body. The difference with RLD is instead of using gentle, light massage techniques on the surface on the skin, RLD uses Reflexology techniques (on the hands or the feet) to stimulate the Lymphatic reflex points.
To date, Sally Kay's studies using RLD have showed very positive results. Sally Kay has been working very closely with the NHS on a project, researching for its use with Secondary Lymphoedema. The treatment has also become a recognised (and formalised) style of Reflexology and is being taught to Reflexologists like myself all across the UK and spreading to many other parts of the world.

For Sally Kays website and further information please Click here

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